Episode 46: Petrolheads and cyclists… are we really all that different? JayEmm on the road.cc Podcast + women’s racing discussed

The road.cc Podcast

Mar 9 2023 • 1 hr 20 mins

On this bumper episode of the road.cc Podcast (our longest yet!) we’re joined by car expert James Martin, also known as JayEmm, who you may know from his very popular YouTube channel JayEmm on Cars. A small snippet in one of James’ videos, in which he explains the importance of respecting cyclists as fellow road users, got us thinking about the crossover between car and bike enthusiasts, and who better to talk to about this than the man himself. James says why he thinks the ‘driver vs cyclist’ narrative is actually a surprising one and not necessarily true at all, plus we discuss everything from the general appreciation of cars, bikes and beautiful bits of engineering, James’ “live and let live” attitude to road etiquette and even Jeremy Vine’s Twitter feed!

In part 2, Suvi, Dan and Ryan talk women’s racing on International Women’s Day. How far has professional women’s cycling progressed in recent years as a spectator sport, and is enough being done to ensure it gets equal billing compared to men’s races? Up for discussion is how those developments are going right now, what we want to see from race organisers and how broadcasters could do better.