Episode 45: Why is the 15-minute city attracting so many conspiracy theories? Plus access for disabled cyclists

The road.cc Podcast

Feb 24 2023 • 59 mins

On episode 45 of the road.cc Podcast, we’re going there and talking 15-minute cities… or the incredible amount of misinformation being spread about them anyway! George and Jack are joined by the award-winning transport journalist Carlton Reid to dissect how a quite innocent urban planning concept that recommends amenities should be a short walk or cycle away from people’s homes turned into a bizarre international conspiracy theory, in part claiming that the real motive behind the 15-minute city is to keep people locked in their local areas. How do you convince those who have been sucked in that this is all nonsense? Why are influential people, all the way up to the Houses of Commons, falling for it? Strap in for a no-holds-barred discussion.

For our second segment, Ryan and Jack are joined by Kate Ball of Wheels for Wellbeing for a fascinating discussion about access for disabled cyclists. Find out what barriers disable cyclists are currently facing in the UK and beyond, and why those barriers are more than just physical ones.