Episode 38: BBC Panorama ‘Road Rage: Cars v Bikes’ – the road.cc debrief

The road.cc Podcast

Nov 9 2022 • 30 mins

Last week’s BBC Panorama ‘Road Rage: Cars v Bikes’ documentary got plenty of attention on social media, with the divisive title (which put some cyclists off watching it altogether, assuming it would be a re-run of previous takes on the subject) not reflecting the content of a programme that at times did a reasonably good job of highlighting the dangers cyclists all too often face from drivers on Britain’s roads – but which also failed to challenge some myths about cyclists aired by guests including newspaper columnist Rod Liddle, whose appearance on the programme overshadowed some of the more positive elements .

In this bonus podcast episode, road.cc’s Jack and Simon sit down with host George to discuss what they think the programme got right, what it got wrong, and where perhaps it had missed opportunities to give a more rounded picture, or to challenge some of the assertions made in it. They also discuss whether such documentaries, intended after all for a mainstream TV audience, will inevitably end up reinforcing assumptions held by non-cyclists about people who ride bikes, and what can be done to overcome that.

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