Episode 40: "You're just collateral" — Ultra-cycling legend Steve Abraham on Deliveroo and the gig economy (and why he loves it really) plus road.cc staffers' go-to bike tools

The road.cc Podcast

Dec 8 2022 • 45 mins

Episode 40 of the road.cc podcast in association with Laka is here, and features a long chat with British ultra-distance cycling legend Steve Abraham.

The exploits he’s perhaps best known for – the highest distance ridden in a month, and his attempts at the Year record – take a back seat here, however, as he talks to Jack about his work as a food delivery rider in Milton Keynes.

It’s a fascinating discussion, covering everything from why, despite Steve’s ability to stay in the saddle for longer than most mortals, short hops are preferable for him to longer trips in this role, the relationship between companies like Deliveroo and the people who ride for them, his thoughts on cycling infrastructure and, the reason he doesn’t undertake deliveries that include alcohol.

We also have a round-up of road.cc staff talking about what their go-to bike tools are – including a heartfelt plea from podcast host George for whoever happens to have his Lezyne Classic Pedal Spanner these days to please reunite him with it forthwith.

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