Episode 33: Chris Boardman, Highway Code fake news, and no bikes for big people - Plus bonus insurance chat with LAKA… Season 2: The best bits

The road.cc Podcast

Aug 26 2022 • 54 mins

As we come to the end of season 2 of the road.cc Podcast, we’ve put together a special episode looking at some of the highlights from the last six months. Listen back to some of the best bits of our chat with Chris Boardman shortly after he became the Active Travel Commissioner for England, the discussion around fake news surrounding the Highway Code changes that came into force in January, and why larger people are not well served by the cycling industry.

For our second segment we’re lucky enough to be joined by Laurence Hunter, VP Insurance for specialist cycle insurer and road.cc Podcast sponsor Laka. We speak about the future of cycling, the trends Laka is seeing in the market right now, and all about how bike insurance is changing.

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