Episode 47: Why are cargo bikes associated with affluence? Pedal Me’s co-founder joins us + THAT foggy ride on the Isle of Man

The road.cc Podcast

Mar 23 2023 • 52 mins

On episode 47 of the road.cc Podcast, we’re joined by Chris Dixon, co-founder and director of training at the cargo bike logistics company Pedal Me, to talk all things cargo bike. Inspired by a column from a certain British broadcast and writer claiming modern cargo bikes costing in the region of £4,000 are “pedalled by (obviously) affluent parents”, we take a deep dive into the world of cargo bikes for personal use and business, with Chris explaining how Pedal Me’s cargo bike delivery service is far from just a flex, and genuinely the quickest and most affordable option for carting stuff across London in many cases. If your cargo bike can replace your car, that four grand price tag starts to seem a lot more palatable!

For our second segment, George and Jack are joined by Ryan from the news team to break down our biggest story of the year so far, about a cyclist stopped by the police during a foggy climb on the Isle of Man. Were the police acting on reports of genuine concern for the cyclist’s welfare? Shouldn’t people just drive more carefully? What can we learn from all this? It’s a story that has certainly got people talking!