Episode 28: New Shimano 105… electronic and disc brake ONLY! Controversial or cracking news? Plus Dr Ian Walker on changing travel habits

The road.cc Podcast

Jun 29 2022 • 44 mins

We’ve got a bumper episode of the road.cc Podcast for you, coming a day early to coincide with the road cycling product launch of the year so far… that’s right, Shimano 105 –  the component giant’s third-tier groupset that it said would never go electric –  has gone… well, electric! Does it bother you that 105 has killed off rim brakes and mechanical shifting (not to mention a hefty bump up in price) or are 12-speed shifting, modern disc brakes and electronic gears all things well worth paying the premium for? George is joined by Mat, Liam, Tony and Jack to discuss the controversial upgrade. Or maybe it isn’t controversial at all?

For our second segment George and Jack are joined by environmental psychologist (and record-breaking endurance cyclist) Dr Ian Walker, who talks about travel habits and how we change them. With petrol prices through the roof, why aren’t more people ditching the car and taking up cycling and walking? Listen in for a fascinating insight into habits and routines, and how we can break them to change behaviour. You’ll realise even more how the pandemic really was a massive missed opportunity to cut car use, and Ian has some top tips for policy makers should a similar, routine-breaking situation arise in the future…

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