Episode 29: Are lightweight aero bikes a “flash in the pan”? Tour de France pro bikes discussed + how to fuel for big rides with Quick-Step's nutrition expert

The road.cc Podcast

Jul 14 2022 • 37 mins

The Tour de France has been well and truly blown open after yesterday’s events on the Col du Granon, so it’s only right that this episode of the road.cc Podcast in association with Laka is (loosely) Tour-themed! First up, George, Liam, Mat and Jamie talk about the current ‘lightweight aero’ bikes that are now dominating the Tour de France peloton. Is aero and lightweight rolled into one the thing we all need, or is the UCI’s pesky weight limit stifling consumer choice? We can’t agree, we’re pretty sure you all won’t be able to agree, but in any case it’s certainly an interesting debate about the way road bikes are progressing.

off.road.cc staff writer Suvi also catches up with Joram Kolf, co-founder of EatMyRide, and Lisa Nijbroek, who is currently the nutrition expert for the world’s number one-ranked pro cycling team Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl: how much more energy do you need for rides of three hours and beyond compared to ‘shorter’ rides? Is there any difference between fuelling for road vs off-road riding? Get your burning nutrition questions answered by some of the most knowledgeable people in the biz.

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