Episode 32: Cycling licences? Cycling number plates?? Grant Shapps' silly suggestions slammed plus tales from the famous London Edinburgh London audax

The road.cc Podcast

Aug 19 2022 • 44 mins

It’s been a strange old week for cyclists in the UK, as some rather infuriating comments from the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps published in a certain tabloid led to a vicious and sometimes disturbing narrative playing out on social media, radio and even nation television. Why on earth has Shapps seemingly sought to undo the good work done by the Government to encourage cycling since the start of the pandemic by whipping people up into a frenzy about cycling registration, insurance and even (though he now denies having said this) number plates? We’re joined by Cycling UK’s Duncan Dollimore to dissect this disappointing diatribe.

For our second segment, we’re talking to our own Matt Page and Stepan Aubrecht, two hardy souls who recently completed the brutal London Edinburgh London audax cycling event. How do you get yourself through a 1,500km ride? If you fancy taking on some serious cycling endurance challenges yourself then we’d recommend listening up… Matt was the first to finish in a staggering 69 hours, while Stepan broke his bike at the halfway point, bought a new frame, built it up and still finished with time to spare!

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