Episode 31: Bike industry bashing special! Where’s the standardisation? Why don’t bike brands cater for bigger riders?

The road.cc Podcast

Aug 10 2022 • 53 mins

On episode 31 of the road.cc Podcast, we’re writing some strongly-worded letters to the bike industry. Bottom brackets, headsets, mounts, tubeless wheels/tyres, chargers… nothing seems to fit nowadays, and it seems like we need different bits for every single bike, component and accessory we own. Why is this? George is joined by the road.cc tech team to discuss the lack of standardisation in the bike industry, the environmental impact, and what could be done to improve the current situation many cyclists find themselves in.

In part two, George, Jack and Mildred are joined by Steven May of Knaap e-bikes, a bike brand catering specifically for larger riders. Up for discussion is how some people looking to get into cycling might feel excluded by the usual bikes on offer when they walk into a shop, and the sizing offered by many cycling apparel brands, which is often on the small side. How do we get people who aren’t into bikes, on to bikes?

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