Ep X̷̨̮͇͐̒̈́̋͝͠͝ ̸̡͕̪̆̌̚͜-̵͙̑͌͛̈́̾̒͒͘͠ The Shadow Realm Special

Right on Track: A Thomas The Tank Engine Podcast

13-04-2022 • 1 hr 27 mins

It's a glorious new future for the podcast and CalleyFan has selected the most elite individuals out there to join him in replacing the inferior predecessors.

In doing so, they revisit two memorable episodes which the previous hosts have wrongfully ranked and they make the attempt to revise their rightful place in the rankings.

Episodes reviewed are:

  • Diesel Does It Again
  • Rusty Helps Peter Sam

Feature Song Of The Week: Rusty Repairs The Talyllyn (basstbonemusic)

Theme Composed by Headmaster Hastings

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