Part 6: Will Sonic Booms Return to our Skies?


Feb 6 2023 • 33 mins

Why did Concorde disappear from our skies? In the final episode, we pose this question to the people closest to the Concorde project, from the teams who engineered its first flight to those who picked up the debris after the fatal Air France crash. We also discuss Concorde's legacy, and its impact on the aviation sector, on travel itself, and on the personal and professional lives of those who built the plane. And before they turn off their mics for the season, host Nastaran Tavakoli-Far and lead producer Pedro Mendes, alongside aviation journalist Eric Tegler, take a closer look at some recent projects that promise to fly us faster than the speed of sound – again.

Guests in this episode:

Jonathan Glancey, author of 'Concorde: The Rise and Fall of the Supersonic Airliner'
Michel Polacco, French aviation reporter, and author of a book on the Concorde in French
Mike Hall, Chief Engineer for Concorde Support Operations
Katie John, Editor of Mach 2 magazine
John Britton, Chief Engineer of the British Concorde fleet
Yves Gourinat, former Airbus employee during Concorde’s last decade, and currently an Aviation professor at the University of Toulouse.
Ricky Bastin, Technical Liaison Engineer at Concorde.
Eric Tegler, Journalist covering Aerospace and Defence

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