5: 5 Ways to Manage Time for Impact

The Time Tutor - Time Management for Impact

17-05-2022 • 6 mins

Understanding your why is quite the revelation. Organizations and inidividuals can find much success in managing their time for impact by understanding the why. Without it, you may end up in an aimless cycle of productivity that doesn't speak to your purpose or mission. In this episode, you will learn the different ways to bring about impact in your own life and how it doesn't have to look or feel like anyone else. Hear about my professional journey and the many opportunities where I used my time to drive impact. You will also learn... 1. Why we don't feel impactful in our lives 2. The nuances between organizational and individual time management for impact 3. 5 practices to work from your why and use time for impact Schedule a call (https://calendly.com/hanifabarnes) to discuss how I can help you or your organization with managing time for impact. Is there a particular time management topic that you want to learn about? Send an inquiry to the Time Tutor, (mailto:info@hanifabarnes.com) and I'll be sure to shout you out if I discuss your topic. Learn more about my Time Management for Impact services and offerings at hanifabarnes.com (https://hanifabarnes.com). SUBSCRIBE to the Time Management Digest (https://hello.dubsado.com/public/form/view/61996e54f7462ee6d281f0b7)for regular insight on how to transform your relationship with time and go from overwhelm to impact. Follow me @hanifabarnesesq on: LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/hanifabarnesesq) Twitter (https://www.twitter.com/hanifabarnesesq) Instagram (https://instagram.com/hanifabarnesesq) FaceBook (https://www.facebook.com/hanifabarnesesq) Clubhouse (https://www.clubhouse.com/hanifabarnesesq)