S2, #4. Show and Tell! Dr Nicola Hodges and the science of demonstrations.

The Primal MMA Coaching Podcast

21-08-2021 • 1 hr 11 mins

My discussion with Professor Nicola Hodges was all about demonstrations!  Dr Hodges researches and teaches out of the motor skill lab at the University of British Columbia.

I reached out to Dr Nicola to ask for her to lend her expertise and insight into the science of demonstrations and learning in sport.

Being such a big part of our sport and coaching, I was interested in how we might make the most of the demonstration time while increasing the effectiveness of them.

Professor Nicola did not disappoint, other than reminding me I get a little overzealous about the ecological dynamics space that place less emphasis on direct instruction and demonstrations.

Nevertheless it was a great reminder that there are still so many unknowns and that there are many roads to the destination. I fun chat with immediately implementable nuggets of advice.

You can follow and connect with Dr Nicola via twitter @nicolajhodges and learn more at her website http://msl.kin.educ.ubc.ca/home