S2, #10. (Part 2) Not all reps are created equal! Cal Jones on how 'Representative Learning Design' can help supercharge practice.

The Primal MMA Coaching Podcast

29-04-2022 • 46 mins

Cal Jones is both a Judo coach and practitioner from North Wales (UK). He also recently completed his Master Degree in sports science with a thesis on "Representative Learning Design".

Cal is well connected in the skill acquisition community and is a frequent guest on the coaching podcast circuits.

Should you want to reach out or follow Cal, he can be reached on his twitter account @CalJonesJudo

This is the part one of a two part episode where we discuss RLD and its implications for effective practice design for skill development.

Cal and I also discuss much of the dated and stubbornly held perspectives that are so prevelant in martial arts today.

Cal is an understudy of Keith Davis who is one of the giants and leading researchers in ecological dynamics and skill acquisition.

I look forward to Cal being a returning guest on the show as we had a fun discussion and clicked well.

My appreciation to him and all my guest who work hard to bring the research and data from the labs to the mats.

Let's be better at getting better!   Ancora Imparo!