S2, #2B (PART 2). Learn Skills, Not Drills!! Professor Ed Coughlan, aka; "Dr. Skill Acq"

The Primal MMA Coaching Podcast

02-06-2021 • 1 hr 8 mins

PART 2 of my discussion with Coach, Educator and Professor of Skill Acquisition Dr. Ed Coughlan.

Ed and I discuss the growing non-linear approach to skill acquisition in sport and how it can help us design more effective training and development environments for MMA.

A two part episode here discusses the slow moving paradigm shift in sports coaching and skill development. Dr. Ed helps clear up some of my nagging confusion and ambivalence in my own coaching methods.

Coach Ed has a ton of content as podcasts, publications and YouTube videos and I was honored  for him to add a couple of more hours of it on this podcast.

You can follow and connect with Dr Ed via twitter @DrSkillAcq