S2, #5. A Flipped Classroom Approach! With Coach Bruce Hoyer, BJJ blackbelt.

The Primal MMA Coaching Podcast

31-08-2021 • 1 hr 15 mins

Coach Bruce Hoyer is the owner and Head coach at Next Edge MMA, Sioux Falls, ND.

After listening to Bruce talk on the Combat Learning Podcast, I reached out to ask him to further explore his flipped classroom model for BJJ.

Optimizing Jiu-Jitsu practice and balancing the technical and theoretical with the live and dynamic practice can be a great challenge.

Bruce seems to have addressed this largely with a 'flipped classroom mode' where he avoids much of the typical "one size fits all' lesson plan by giving his students the autonomy and responsibility of creating their own individualized lesson plans and strategies in their own time.

This frees up precious mat time for testing and exploring.

After years of tinkering, Bruce has found a system that is streamlined and embraced by his students.

Bruce talks about the evolution of this approach and how he implements it at his gym. He also talks about how his strategy to increase retention and create more robust learning outcomes.

A fascinating talk and a lot of nuggets to take away for coaches and students alike.

You can follow and connect with Coach Bruce on FB or his IG @nextedgeacademy and at his website www.nextedgeacademy.com