The Happy Weight Loss Podcast with Kate Malda

Kate Malda

Welcome to the Happy Weight Loss Podcast! I’m your hostess & Certified Life Coach, Kate Malda. After years of dieting, trying to find my self-worth in a smaller dress size, I found life coaching, and was completely transformed. With my new found confidence and sense of self-worth, I lost my extra weight and dedicated my life, business and this podcast to helping other women do the same, leading them to lasting weight management, a greater love for themselves, and more confidence than they once thought possible. Your level of happiness is not determined by your weight, but by your level of self acceptance. Happiness and a great self-image is not the result of weight loss, but how you get there. Come join me on this journey, let’s get there together! Download my FREE guide The First Step to Losing Weight for the Last Time by visiting the site below: Connect with Kate DISCLAIMER: Kate Malda is a Certified Life Coach, not a physician. The information and opinions contained in The Happy Weight Loss Podcast are for personal and entertainment purposes only. Please consult your physician before starting any weight loss program. read less