Gets to know.......The Coffin Confessor

Collective Whisper podcast

01-04-2022 • 1 hr 19 mins

On this episode Simon K speaks to Bill Edgar from Australia,who is the Coffin confessor.

Bill tells Simon all about his life as a a street kid, being homeless, suffering abuse at the hands of family and teachers and how a spell in prison changed him.

He talks about how he became a private investigator and eventually starting crashing funerals as the coffin confessor telling deceased people's secrets and confessions to shocked  families and so called loved ones.And how he wrote a book about it and now Hollywood is at the door and a movie deal is signed with Ryan Reynolds maybe playing his character.

He also talks about how he helps people in debt who are being screwed over by big debt collection agencies and reputable companies.

Listen for an interesting tale from an interesting man.

Bill Edgar is the Coffin Confessor. He is paid to gatecrash funerals and speak for the dead

He is a one-of-a-kind professional, a man on a mission to make good on these last requests on behalf of his soon-to-be-deceased clients. And this is the extraordinary story of how he became that man.

Bill has been many things in this life: son of one of Australia’s most notorious gangsters, homeless street-kid, maximum-security prisoner, hard man, family man, car thief, professional punching bag, philosopher, inventor, private investigator, victim of horrific childhood sexual abuse and an activist fighting to bring down the institutions that let it happen. A survivor.

As a little boy, he learned the hard way that society is full of people who fall through the cracks – who die without their stories being told. Now his life’s work is to make sure his clients’ voices are heard, and their last wishes delivered: the small-town grandfather who needs his tastefully decorated sex dungeon destroyed before the kids find it. The woman who endured an abusive marriage for decades before finding freedom. The outlaw biker who is afraid of nothing . . . except telling the world he is in love with another man. The dad who desperately needs to track down his estranged daughter so he can find a way to say he's sorry, with one final gift.

A private investigator turned professional ‘funeral-crasher’ is set to become the next big thing in Hollywood after landing a book deal, a reality television show and a movie contract with Paramount Pictures.

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