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Collective Whisper podcast

22-04-2022 • 1 hr

On this episode Simon K speaks to Andrew McGinley.

Warning: This episode contains stories of children's deaths and may affect some listeners.

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Simon discusses the heartache of Andrew losing his 3 children and how he wants to continue their legacy and make sure they are not forgotten and he hopes

other people in similar situations can learn from this and get help.

24 Jan 2022 marked two years since his three beloved children, Conor, 9; Darragh, 7, and Carla, 3, were killed by their mother Deirdre Morley at their family home in Newcastle, Co Dublin.

Mr McGinley feels he is no closer to understanding why his children died.

Ms Morley was found not guilty of their murder by reason of insanity and was committed to the Central Mental Hospital.

Ms Morley, a highly trained paediatric and renal nurse, is currently in the care of the Central Mental Hospital.

Both Mr McGinley and Ms Morley are now suing the HSE, the Governors of St Patrick’s Hospital, and a named person.

The legal action is a bid to highlight the need for improvements in Ireland’s mental healthcare system, Mr McGinley said.

Mr McGinley has been campaigning for changes in mental health care and for new amendments to mental health legislation so that supportive families of people who are mentally ill are involved in their care.

He has been campaigning on the issue with Cork woman Una Butler whose two children, Zoe, 6, and Ella, 2, were killed by their father, her late husband, John Butler, before he killed himself in 2010 in Ballycotton.

He said that three legacy projects he established in his children's names are what now drives him.



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