Gets to know.......Kids

Collective Whisper podcast

06-05-2022 • 1 hr 2 mins

On this episode Simon K speaks about kids and our relationships with them, understanding them, loving them, raising them and how different our childhoods were to children's childhoods today.

He talks about the tolerance we need to have for an ever-changing world and how our kids need our support in discovering who they are and want to be.

Some people want kids, some people don't and some people have different approaches to raising their children in an ever challenging world of technology, social media,

peer pressure and cyber bullying to name but a few.

His special guests this week are his own children Kassandra 11, and David 8, who give us their opinions about childhood and answer some interesting questions.

Join Simon,Kassandra and David for a really interesting podcast about kids and all their funny and amazing facts.

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