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25-03-2022 • 1 hr 32 mins

On this episode Simon K speaks to Irish astrophysicist and potential future astronaut Cillian Murphy.

They speak about his career as an astrophysicist and his ambition to become an astronaut with the European Space Agency.

Cillian tells Simon about his travels and growing up in different countries.

Cillian also talks about his love of sports and martial arts, training in the ESA and running analog and simulated missions to further space exploration.

They also talk about what science means to people now, and how scientific theories can be challenged and how little we still know.

Cillian Murphy

Dubliner Cillian Murphy is an Irish astrophysicist working towards becoming an astronaut with the European Space Agency.

He graduated with an MSc in space science & technology in December 2016.He also holds a BSc in Physics with astronomy and space science.

Cillian grew up bilingual in Mexico speaking English and Spanish. Today he also speaks Irish and German.

He has been a committee member for several sports and social initiative organisations at university and in the workplace with focuses ranging from martial arts to basketball to green environmental policy promotion.

His career ambitions include; becoming an ESA astronaut, working at ESOC in mission control for future space missions, or working in astronomical research.

Today, the 28-year-old lives and works in Budapest as a process engineer in a biofuels company. He has one main ambition in life: to become an astronaut and be one of the first Irish people to make it into space



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