Dealing with the Dead

Something Scary

31-01-2023 • 32 mins

We all respect healthcare workers and those who work to heal the afflicted. But a job that intense must be difficult to leave it at work and not take things personally. Alll humans can be affected by burnout and lack of sleep. And for those in high stakes jobs, one little slip up can be deadly. It's not only patients that suffer, they may inadvertently end up destroying themselves as well.   First, you can’t stop what isn’t there Followed by don’t get bit Then, a brush with death  Finally in our featured story, haunting hallucinations Thanks to our sponsors! • Download the FREE Upside App and use promo code somethingscary to get an extra 25 cents back for every gallon on your first tank of gas. More about the show! • Go to to check out our cool new merch shop and get discounts all month long. • Do you want to connect with other people who love horror and all things Something Scary? Join our new Discord. Join our Patreon and get members only access to our Discord. Go to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit