Creatures of the Night

Something Scary

18-10-2022 • 32 mins

The dark night becomes a playground for all of us during the halloween season. But we don't realize we're contenting with the supernatural who thrive in the dark. Entities, spirits and creatures who are so vile looking they can only come out at night. If we're not prepared, the monsters may kill us, before we even have a chance to yell boo.  First, a dog eat dog world Followed by the masked monster Then, truth that kills Finally in our featured story, laughter made of nightmares Kick off the spooky season with a new Something Scary t-shirt! Go to for an early Halloween treat and get a 20% discount applied at checkout all month long. Do you want to connect with other people who love horror and all things Something Scary? Join our new Discord. Join our Patreon and get members only access to our Discord. Go to Thanks to our sponsors! • Go to and use code SCARY for $10 off your purchase! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit