Killer in Plain Sight

Something Scary

11-10-2022 • 31 mins

It's spooky season so we're all on edge. Getting a good scare from horror movies and haunted houses. We know to be on the lookout for witches, vampires and ghosts and while that is all "fun and games" we can’t let our guards down too much. While we're enjoying Halloween, there are those that use the opportunity to carry out evil plans and get away with it, because they're killers hiding in plain sight.  First, an office nightmare  Followed by being scared to death  Then, stalked in the woods Finally in our featured story, some dolls are for toys, others are for death Kick off the spooky season with a new Something Scary mug for your coffee, tea or pumpkin spice latte! Go to for an early Halloween treat and get a 20% discount applied at checkout all month long. Thanks so much for listening! Thank you to our Sponsors: • Download June’s Journey today! Available on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as on PC through Facebook Games. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit