Life On Purpose-The Equine Way- Providing the Tools to set Boundaries, Trust Intuition and Embrace Purpose


This podcast is to ignite/empower women who are transitioning in life in career, to help you overcome fear, self-doubt, and societal expectations, and live authentically, clearly, and on purpose. It will be shared on a weekly basis. it provides the tools, support and guidance you need to trust your intuition, set boundaries and confidently pursue your dreams. In this podcast series I will be sharing information that will help bring you clarity, give you understanding about how and why people react to you, and why and how you react to them, and introduce you to the magical world of the wise horse. I will teach you how you can utilise the knowledge from studying horse behaviour to benefit your world. My name is Kristen Ableson, a recovering perfectionist, author of the book Better than Perfect, speaker, physiotherapist for over 30 years and if facilitator of leadership in women It will help you find answers on how to move forward guided by your intuition I’m not what you’ve always done based on your social conditioning, Tools that will help you navigate boundaries, healthy relationships based on mutual respect and support, to achieve freedom, impact, self-confidence and inner peace, and success on your own terms. If you value authenticity, personal growth and self-discovery, you strive for balance, and are seeking deeper meaning and are open minded and curious, then listening I will be sharing valuable content to help you on your way read less