Koser Radio EP. 4

Koser Radio

Feb 11 2023 • 1 hr

1. happier than ever by Billie Eilish

2. Distant Lover by Marvin Gaye

3. Cool Up by De Lux

4. Mr Noah by Panda Bear

5. Water by Ye

6. DHL by Frank Ocean

7. Kerosene! by Yves Tumor

8. Charcoal Baby by Blood Orange

9. We Will Always Love You by The Avalanches

10. FANTAZIA by Roy Blair

11. It's Nice to Be Alive by Vegyn

12. Big Bag by Tyler, The Creator

13. NO BYSTANDERS by Travis Scott


15. 12.38 by Childish Gambino

16. Rushes To by Frank Ocean

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