Episode 7: Building a Strong Foundation- Developing Managers From Within

eLABorate Topics

Feb 28 2023 • 27 mins

Effective management is crucial for the success of any organization, but it's not enough to simply hire experienced managers from outside the organization. Developing new managers from within is a worthwhile investment of time and resources that can ensure the organization has a pool of talented managers who can lead the organization to success.

In this episode, co-host, Tywauna Wilson, discusses four key strategies for developing new managers from within the organization, including defining roles and competencies, creating a management track, identifying candidates early, and creating a managers toolbox.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Does your organization have clearly defined roles and competencies for management positions? How can this be improved?
  2. What tools and resources does your organization provide to new managers to help them succeed in their roles? Are there any additional resources that could be helpful in developing new managers?

If you would like more tips on developing new managers, check out my book, Rise Up: The Blueprint For Manager Success, where I and a few of my favorite leadership coaches give more insight on the topic.

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To connect with Tywauna for more on this and other leadership and personal development topics, visit: TywaunaWilson.com or connect with her on LinkedIn for the invitation to join the Trendy Elite Leadership Tidbits Community, where you can learn, grow and develop in the area of leadership, career, and personal development.

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