Episode 7: The Man Behind The Laughter with Kevin Garry

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29-10-2020 • 1 hr 17 mins

On Episode 7, our guest KG is a UK-based Comedian, Actor and Presenter who has done great in his career so far. He has appeared on TV Shows and Movies such as Ted Lasso, Time Wasters, The Capture and Bloods .

On this exclusive session with KG on what he admits to be his most vulnerable interview till date, he gives us front row seats into him as a person. We are talking everything, he’s overcome on the journey to becoming the Unscathed person that he is now.

From the pain he experienced as a child who did not know his biological mother to the sense of loneliness that came from not having a close relationship with his Dad. We talk about the deep heartbreak he experienced when the mum who raised him passed suddenly 4 years ago.

KG shares about seeing himself as a failure from a young age, and how he developed a mindset and work ethic that propelled him to work twice as hard for everything. We talk about growing up in South London, how he managed to remain on the straight and narrow .

We go behind the scenes and hear from the real KG, in what  we are calling a Masterclass on dealing with emotional pain, dealing with shame, bouncing back from setbacks and learning to accept difficult pasts.

This conversation is one of the most motivational and inspiring conversations ever to be released on this Podcast, and the fact that KG, whom our host Tonbra refers to as Kevin is family,  cousins to be precise makes this episode even more special.

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