Today's Action

Bold Business Podcast

Mar 3 2017 • 50 mins

Whether we’re talking about self awareness (which includes putting things back where you found them, clean up your own mess, and watch for people/bikes/cars when in the world), or we are practicing responsibility (play fair, say you’re sorry when you hurt someone, don’t take things that aren’t yours)…we impact our own life AND the lives of others. From how we take action to when we take vacations, today’s Leader’s Discuss panel hosted by Jessica Dewell will answer the question: What do you do today that your future self will thank you for? The panel: Christine L Bowen, Geoffrey X Lane, Carmen Rojas, and Joel Dawson.

Starting the conversation:

  • What do you do today that your future self will thank you for?
  • “Often, without realizing it, we fill important places in each other’s lives.” Robert Fulghum …including our own.

Host: Jessica Dewell Panel: Christine L Bowen, Geoffrey X Lane, Carmen Rojas, Joel Dawson

What You Will Hear:

“Often, without realizing it, we fill important places in each other’s lives.” Robert Fulghum …including our own. Practice values through action every day. Life is not profound but challenging. Stick up for what we believe in and what we model for others. Take care of myself for the future (and to be here and healthy) to interact with family. There is planning today to prepare for tomorrow. Take active action every day - it’s important.

Meditation supports focus and grounded. The habits, er… way we communicate and recognize where they came from. It takes effort for the things that are important to us. Purposeful action over time shows up as immediately knowing. Recognize the voice that nags at us and build our intuition. Cultivate what we want in life. Know what is…not ‘should be.’ Conscious and unconscious. Know what we’ve survived. Know our triggers. Being present can be hard. It’s comfortable with the uncomfortable. We look at ourself and realize we change with our experiences. Clean underwear wisdom.

Notable & Quotable:

Christine L Bowen: I am conscious enough to take the proper actions so that I will be joyful in the future. Geoffrey X Lane: How can I speak in such a way that my compassion is love and love is heard even when I’m giving very direct information to people? Carmen Rojas: I will look back and see that I didn’t quit. Joel Dawson: Having relationships keeps us invigorated. Jessica Dewell: Don’t take ourselves to seriously and laugh a lot. Geoffrey X Lane: I’m more peaceful when I’m being gentle and creating space for myself. Jessica Dewell: I got gadgets for that. Joel Dawson: It takes work and effort to focus on clients. Say hi, how are you to people outside of business. Carmen Rojas: I can distill the nonsense and get to what matters. Jessica Dewell: We have to recognize when [our actions] are right. Christine L Bowen: When we are born, we are immediately influenced by the world around us. It’s when we grow up we can look at our beliefs. Geoffrey X Lane: ‘If I can produce this,I can produce that,’ is something we discover mid life. Carmen Rojas: There are catalysts that force you to learn at a different pace. Joel Dawson: You are a culmination of different things you’ve been taught. Taking care of ourselves is the first step to SHOW UP.


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  • “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” - Charlie Chaplin

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