EP 06 | Policy Beyond Mobility | Bus Rapid Transit System & Metro: A closer look at Pune’s Public Transport System

Policy Beyond Mobility

Jun 21 2024 • 34 mins

With many cities now having metro systems, there has been recent debates of the viability of metro systems specially in those cities where Bus Rapid Transit System was first implemented. The ridership in metro systems in most Indian cities are lower than what is projected. However, some experts suggest the debate over bus versus Metro rail is unnecessary and cities should get the benefit of having every single mode of transport.
In this podcast, Mr Ranjit Gadgil, Program Director at Parisar, Pune, discusses about the viability of metro systems in cities with BRTS.
The major discussion points include:
• How cities that have an existing BRT look at investments in metro infrastructure
• Pune being the first city to have a BRT system, still faces challenges in maintaining the operations. Is this a consequence of planning issues or mindset of the authorities?
• How has the view of commuters and the State/city been towards advancing BRTS in Pune
• How has Pune’s transport investments been over the years?
• Was metro rail a necessity in Pune? How is the current ridership and do people prefer it over BRT?

• What are the indicators to keep in mind when choosing the appropriate PT system in a metro city like Pune?