The All Gifts Podcast

Pandora Villasenor

Challenges are unavoidable. But with the right mindset we can turn adversity into gifts that build resilience. In the All Gifts Podcast we unwrap life’s most challenging topics to find the hidden gift within. Our host, Pandora Villasenor, a former teen mom who broke generational cycles of poverty and abuse will inspire you, motivate you, make you laugh and cry as she shares her story and invites others to do the same. Learn how she has thrived through failure, disappointment, addiction, and codependency. Pandora has raised two healthy adult children as a single working mom. She is an MBA and coach to high performing people. She helps people overcome limiting beliefs by reframing problems into opportunities. She will help you redefine success, retrain your mindset, and learn the role of recovery to your maximum creativity. read less