Ep. 6 - Appointments, snares and registration

Big Sky Lede

04-02-2021 • 28 mins

This week, Montana State News Bureau investigative reporter Seaborn Larson digs into a bill that would eliminate the Judicial Nominating Commission and give the governor sole authority in appointing judges when a vacancy occurs. He'll walk through why the governor wants the bill and why the state created the commission in the first place.

Then bureau deputy Tom Kuglin runs down the reasons a Thompson Falls lawmaker wants to allow the use of snares to trap wolves and why opponents don’t think it’s a good idea. He'll also discuss a pitch to create a muzzleloader season for the heritage firearm.

And bureau head Holly Michels will explain how legislation to eliminate same-day voter registration came back from the dead this week and who might have applied pressure and where to get the bill moved to the state House.

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