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235: Alyson Stoner: Growing up in Hollywood, becoming mentally healthy, and finding happiness
Oct 10 2023
235: Alyson Stoner: Growing up in Hollywood, becoming mentally healthy, and finding happiness
Disney star Alyson Stoner joins me on the podcast this week to talk about their own personal journey with anxiety and what they are doing now to help youth overcome anxiety and mental health struggles. Behind the scenes, Alyson suffered from a variety of health conditions that affected every area of their life. Their personal healing journey led them to their truest passion, studying the mind-body connection and creating tools alongside experts that help people heal and empower themselves. Alyson Stoner is a multi-disciplinary artist known for their on-screen acting, dancing, singing work in 200+ TV shows, movies, and music videos, and as an online content creator and health advocate. Appearing in franchises such as Step Up and Camp Rock to dancing with the likes of Missy Elliott and Eminem, Alyson has been producing their own content since their late teens, including the Simplexity podcast and mental health platform Movement Genius, building a growing online community of 5.2m+ folks. Much of Alyson’s passion is invested in advocating for improved mental health resources and long-term prevention strategies for youth and underrepresented communities. They’re currently working on concrete solutions that support artists and entertainers who face unique psychological, physical, professional, financial, and social challenges. Their "Toddler-to-Trainwreck" video is an introduction to a much larger and urgent conversation that they hope to address in Dear Hollywood. Dear Hollywood is a tell-all podcast about the “toddler-to-trainwreck” pipeline that young artists face in the entertainment industry. Following their viral op-ed, host Alyson unpacks the cultural phenomenon of child stardom from the most comprehensive, illuminating vantage point ever offered. Incorporating expertise from child development specialists, artist-to-artist conversations with famous child performers, and Alyson’s own never-been-shared stories, the audience is invited into a powerful and proactive conversation around high-performing children, while simultaneously gaining deep insight and wisdom for their own journey towards healing and self-empowerment. New episodes Friday. Subscribe & follow @alysonstoner to join the conversation. Listen to the Podcast Here: Spotify: Apple: YouTube: Check out Movement Genius Here: