50: Health and Happiness Sans the Scale

The Living on Purpose Podcast

18-08-2020 • 18 mins

I am so done with diet culture, Sis! The unrealistic standard of beauty that we see online these days could be holding you back from the happiness you truly deserve. Your weight does NOT dictate your worth! On today’s episode, I give you my top 5 tips to find happiness and health in the present moment, sans the scale.

I dive into:

  • The ONE most important question to ask yourself when making a decision about your health.
  • How to reframe your thoughts around comparison (and how this WILL help you form better habits!)
  • The MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to schedule time for in your life so you can live healthier and happier.
  • A practical tip you can use to start shifting your mindset around your own body image and self-worth TODAY.
  • And more!

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