Top Down vs Bottom Up Periodization with Data Driven Strength (part 1)

The ZAO Strength Podcast

22-04-2022 • 1 hr

Periodization can be described as the way in which we organize our training day, week,  month, and year. Proponents of a top-down periodization model typically encourage pre-planned training structures with some built-in predictions. Whereas bottom-up periodization involves minimal up-front planning. Instead, bottom-up periodization is typically implemented through building the plan organically based on the athlete's response to training.

However, perhaps the way we think about these periodization models is too reductionistic.

In this episode, we speak with Josh Pelland and Zac Robinson to dive deeper into the nuances of our respective coaching styles.

We speak about ways to effectively blend top-down periodization with bottom-up periodization in a synchronistic manner to maximize strength outcomes and much more.