Ep.5 How Body Image Shapes Us

The ZAO Strength Podcast

05-07-2021 • 1 hr 6 mins

In this episode, coach Verena Grimm, Seba Ehmann, and Jim Elli discuss the role that Body Image has in our strength journey. For many of us, the way in which we relate to our bodies and how we see ourselves may impact how we relate to the world. In the fitness world, we are constantly exposed to what the "Ideal body type" is.

Growing up, magazines like Men's Health and Women's health influenced how we ate, how we trained, and the sports we played simply to convince us that we would love ourselves more if we looked a certain way.

Your strength journey and how you relate to your body is unique and we hope that this episode shines some light on the darker side of the fitness industry as we share our stories with How Body Image Shaped Us.