#113: Why use Shopify's Pre-built Section Templates

The Ecommerce Coffee Break: A Shopify Growth Podcast

04-10-2022 • 14 mins

In this episode, I talk with Ronen Hirsch, founder of qwiqode.com, about why pre-built section templates in Shopify make store development easier.

Ronen has 18 years of experience designing and developing a variety of websites. About a year ago, he realized that he has created specific content sections for Shopify sites - which is how qwiqode was born. Qwiqode offers pre-built section templates for Shopify stores that are easily installed and highly flexible.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What Shopify sections are
  • How Shopify's Pre-built Templates can help you
  • Why upgrade to OS 2.0 from Shopify 1.0
  • Examples of Shopify sections
  • And more

Links & Resources

Website: https://qwiqode.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qwiqodeforshopify/

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