EP:100 | Insight into Oak Masting and More with Dr. Marcus Lashley

Gamekeeper Podcast

Jul 5 2022 • 1 hr 31 mins

This week on the Gamekeepers podcast we welcome one of our favorite guests, Dr. Marcus Lashley (@DrDisturbance), from the University of Florida. We begin by discussing summer scouting for desirable plant species, while many are blooming and easier to identify PLUS how to gauge them as indicator species. We also give a tip on an app or two that can help a Gamekeeper ID them. The presence of these plants or lack thereof can be important information to a Gamekeeper. Marcus also explains a recent study on “oak masting,” and how this information can help improve your hunting. It’s commonly thought that many trees of the same species synchronize and drop their mast/acorns at the same time, but the study shows some interesting insights.  It’s the 100th episode, but the guys don’t reminisce much and get right to the subject matter. Listen, Learn and Enjoy!

Congratulations to the GameKeeper Podcast 100th Episode Giveaway Winners:

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