EP 21: 4 Ways Your Relationship With Food & Your Body Affects Your Relationships + 3 Steps to a Life of Love

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Feb 13 2023 • 28 mins

In today's episode I share the juicy topic of RELATIONSHIPS! With Valentine's day this week, I wanted to take the time to share with you 4 ways your relationship with food & your body affects your relationships + 3 steps to a loving future.

I fully believe that the relationship you have with food & your body is a direct reflection to life itself & is tied directly to the quality of the relationships you have with others.

If you find yourself constantly insolating, avoiding, arguing or feeling overwhelmed by those closest to you, then maybe just maybe you don't even realize the impact that your disordered eating has on those in your circle.

I'll share my past break up & the impact my anorexia had on my college relationship, plus the things I learned in the process of my recovery journey that helped guide my future & my marriage.

"Research reveals a high level of intimacy problems and marital dissatisfaction reported by people who have an eating disorder (Van den Broucke, Vandereycken, & Vertommen, 1995; Woodside, Lackstrom, & Shekter-Wolfson, 2000). These relationships frequently suffer from issues related to communication, emotional health, and sexual intimacy." - The Emily Program

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