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Oct 8 2021 • 0 seconds

Episode 197 August 13, 2013 – David Marks from Wilbur’s Revenge BBQ Team, owner of many Famous Dave’s BBQ stores and the Chief Media Officer of Operation BBQ Relief...this was his first time on the show back in if you aren’t familiar with David or what his background is, this is a good segment for you to check out...he’s also been on the show a few times since then to talk about OBR stuff...Make sure you are subscribed to the podcast feed to make sure you get the “Best Moments show” every Friday. Ready to make a “BEST OF” show all your own?? Email Jon Solberg and let him know what you would like to hear on a future episode! As always, thank you for listening! *Don’t forget to RATE AND REVIEW THE SHOW ON YOU PODCAST APP* Want to hear more from this episode??? Click the link below to hear the full show Original Air Date: 8/13/2013 Original Full Show Link:  CLICK HERE This episode is brought to you by The butcher Shoppe…Home of the NEVER crossbred 100% Australian Wylarah 9+ Wagyu brisket, wagyu beef (American and Japanese), dry aged steaks, wild game and MUCH more!!  Call to order today: (850) 458-8782 and ask for Kevin!  Mention The BBQ Central Show for 10% off your entire order!!