The Levels Podcast

Mason Boroff & Brianna Betts

Welcome to 'The Levels Podcast' with your hosts, Mason Boroff and Brianna Betts. It’s all about the hustle of starting something new and the thrill of watching it grow. Mason brings the creative spark with his background in advertising and graphic design, while Brianna’s got the know-how in operations and organization. This podcast is a laid-back, yet enlightening hangout for anyone who’s got ideas and dreams of turning them into reality. We’re here to chat about what it takes to get a business off the ground, share stories from the trenches of entrepreneurship, and drop some knowledge bombs along the way. No matter if you’re sketching out your first business plan or already in the midst of your entrepreneurial journey, we’ve got something for you. So pull up a chair, plug in, and let’s take this to the next level together—one conversation at a time.

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