1: Love in the Mirror - Podcast Trailer with Host Shannon Bodie

Love in the Mirror Podcast with Shannon Bodie (Arnett) NBC-HWC

17-12-2019 • 2 mins

The Love in the Mirror Podcast Trailer introduces your host, Shannon Bodie and what listeners can expect from future episodes.  Love in the Mirror is for everyone helping others, each other and themselves through their professions, taking care of family, and seeing greater peace and wholeness in their own lives and relationships.  Each episode features tangible tips and strategies and unique perspectives on finding that elusive peace that's already here.  Join Shannon, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Energy Health Practitioner, Yoga instructor as she interviews trusted friends and colleagues to share what has worked for clients in her 20 year private practice, and to learn from others.  You'll leave feeling heard, inspired, and with greater compassion for where you are!

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