58: Clearing Your Energy of What No Longer Serves - Meditation Series

Love in the Mirror Podcast with Shannon Bodie (Arnett) NBC-HWC

18-03-2022 • 26 mins

In this series of The Love in the Mirror Podcast, you'll hear Shannon's Meditation Series on rooting from the ground up.  Each episode is a meditation around one of our energy centers and the emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical benefits that each center creates with us as we balance and work with it.

Today's session is on clearing our field from any energy we've taken on that no longer serves us. You'll have the chance to let go, and intentionally allow that which you'd like to cultivate.  We also send this healing light and energy to your circle, community, and the world.  Have you taken on the energy of someone else's that you need to let go? Would you like to cleanse from media or story of some kind?  This and so much more release await you in this practice!

This is a recording of Shannon's live Meditation classes. To request live or video meditation don't hesitate to reach out!

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