#119: Melissa Lawson – The Reigning Queen Of Nashville Star and "Living With The Lawson's" Part 1

Too Posh Podcast

03-04-2019 • 1 hr 7 mins

We are proud and honored to welcome Melissa Lawson the Reigning Queen of Nashville Star, Season 6 and of the upcoming new podcast “Living With the Lawson’s”.She tells us about being born and raised in Arlington, Texas and her happy childhood that was made difficult with being bullied in school. The bullying started in 1st grade and followed her throughout her school years until she left for the Performing Arts Youth Conservatory at age 15. We are amazed to learn that she has 7!!!! boys from the ages of 4 – 19 years old .We learn how she met her first husband, who is a musician and 14 years older. They got married and lived a very conservative, perfect life. Melissa’s expectations of herself and others are extremely high, but she was only causing herself a lot of grief and pain. We learn the Melissa is an entrepreneur at heart and that she loves business but she also loves singing and performing. Listen to her story of when and how she was introduced to Country Music and her road to being the Queen of the Burleson Jamboree for 7 years. She started at age 13.Melissa is very open and honest about her weight struggles and how it affected her early career in Nashville. The music industry is ruthless. She tells us about their move to Minnesota and her ex husbands love and sex addiction. She tells us about the scientific facts of what watching pornography does to the brain. When she had 3 boys and the youngest at the time was 9 months old she auditioned for American Idol, Season 4 and made it to the top 75. It was the year that Carrie Underwood won. We learn a lot about the behind the scenes of the American Idol auditions and how devastating the experience was for her. She shut down emotionally and quit singing for 3 years and had 2 more babies. Now the mother of 5 she went back to singing at church. Her weight went to 300 pounds and she told herself Enough is Enough. Melissa is such a big inspiration and she believes that everyone should live their life for a purpose and a passion and that we all have gifts and talents to share with the world. We then learn about her experience of going to audition for Season 6 of the TV Show Nashville Star in Austin and the challenges she faced getting there in 2008.She tells us about the process of the first few rounds and writing her original song. Trust us you want to listen to this, it is fascinating.We then learn that she went to Nashville to audition for the top 50 and what sacrifices that entailed for her family.We love the message this sends to Mom’s everywhere that you can still go after your dreams. The question of the day Segment: How do we feel about the scandal of parents like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin paying to get their kids into college.Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly Segment: The true toll of porn on teens and young adults. Miss Polly gives us amazing advice that every parent needs to hear. We end the show with a LIVE PERFORMANCE of Melissa singing her original song “READY TO STAND”. Chills you guys. Do not miss it. We have listened to it over and over. https://www.facebook.com/melissalawson/