#TalkurishTuesday - What a Weekend


25-01-2023 • 1 hr 35 mins

1/24 Show Season 4 Episode 24 TAP & CP Divisional Round Talk Rons Questions 1. will you build your nfl team with a pocket qb or a dual threat qb ? 2.do you like when your gm go all in every year ? 3. name a top draft pick you think will fall in the draft ? 4.would you give saquon barkley or josh jacobs a nice contract ? 5. do you think it is hard to replace the players that go in the trans portal in college ? 6. do you think you can put any six man on a bad nba team and he will take them to the playoff this year and who is the six man ? 7.how long a ex football player should have to wait to get in the hof ? 8. do you think childrens should play both sports in middle school and high school and that will help them when they get in the pros ? 9. do you think it is right espn and nfl live crown these childrens early in there career ? 10. do u think the nba have alot of fake tough guy? --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dennis-holmes/support