The Side Jawn - Got dam that DJ Made my Day with DJ Erock and DJ Travis Gales


09-01-2023 • 1 hr 59 mins

Side Jawn Season 2 Episode 27: Goddamn That DJ Made My Day with DJ Travis Gales and EROCK Intro: Dennis: Welcome to the Side Jawn. I am your host Dennis the Ignoranthinkerspodcast Holmes, and I am joined by my co-host Sharon the Chocolate Girrrrrrl! (Say it right Dennis!) How you doing Chocolate Girl? Sharon: Tells how she is and how her week went. Asks Dennis how he is doing? Dennis: talks about his week. Dennis: Let's get to it. We've got 2 DJs in the house with us today, a continuation of our Goddamn That DJ Made My Day series. We have DJ Travis Gales and DJ Erock. Go ahead and introduce yourselves and tell us how long you've been a DJ and where is your home base right now. Let's start with you EROCK. EROCK does his intro Dennis: alright glad to have you EROCK. And Travis introduce yourself to the people. Travis: does his intro Dennis: welcome to the show. We're gonna dig into the DJ life right now. Famous line from RUn DMC Goddamn that DJ made my day, everybody knows it, but man anytime you have an event, it's true. The DJ can make it or break it. How important do you see your role as a DJ in any event you're hired for and what do you bring to the event? Let's start with you Travis. Travis: gives his answer. Dennis has EROCK chime in. Dennis: Have you ever had a gig where when you get there, the vibe is off? If so, what did you do to hype it up or make it better? Dennis: Do you DJ all kinds of events or do you only do certain kinds? What is your favorite event to do? Your least favorite event to do? Why? Dennis: What genre of music do you tend to lean toward, or are you open to any type of music? Is there anything you simply refuse to play? Dennis: Is DJing your full time job, part time job, or is it only a hobby for you? Dennis: Tell us about one of the best times you had doing an event? Dennis: Tell us the strangest thing ever happened to you while DJing an event. Dennis: Has there ever been a time you were DJing and you felt your life or safety was in danger, or the scene changed and you wanted to leave. If so how did you handle it? Dennis: hands it over to Sharon Sharon: I want to get into some of the business of being a DJ. First, are you old school or new school or a combo of both? Do you use records or computers, or both? Sharon: How do you view using today's technology as compared to the old school with the crates and records era? Sharon: Do you ever perform without having a signed contract? Sharon: Has there ever been a time when you were negotiating a price and felt the organizer was actually disrespecting you with how much they were offering to pay you? Sharon: Talk about a time when you turned down an event because you felt they were not offering to pay you enough. Sharon: How do you get your bookings? Do you have a manager or booking agent, or do you handle that yourself? Sharon: Do you take requests during your shows? Why or why not? Sharon: How do you handle when something gets sprung on you to do that was not agreed upon in your agreement? Sharon: Do you think DJs should form some type of union? Is it necessary? Sharon: Hands it back to Dennis Dennis: Asks 2 final questions. Hands it to Sharon for the 5 Star Shoutout. Sharon: I like to end the show with 5 rapid fire questions. No commentary in your answers. Just the answer real quick and we move on to the next one. Ready? 1. High tops or low tops? 2. Flats or drums? (chicken) 3. Who is the GOAT NFL QB? 4. Voice: Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston? 5. Do you watch the WNBA? Thanks for playing! Back to Dennis. Dennis: Asks for final thoughts and where the DJs can be followed on social media or websites, booked for shows. Dennis: Asks Sharon for her final thoughts Sharon: Gives her final thoughts. I often have said on this program how we should let people know often what they mean to you, how much you love them, and if there is a problem between you to hurry up and solve --- Support this podcast: