#TalkurishTuesday - Your Top 10 Urban Movies


02-11-2022 • 1 hr 43 mins

Nov 1st Tap & CP Top 10 Black (Urban) Movies Ron’s Questions Black movies that are all or predominantly a black cast name your NBA starting 5 of CURRENT players? Question for #TalkurishTuesday who was the face of the NBA IN THE EARLY 2000 And Explain Y ron questions 1. do you think all the big mans in the nba need to work out with a hof center or power forward in the summer ? 2. when two teammates fight do that pull a team together to secede ? 3. name a nfl team you dont want to see them in the nfl playoffs ? 4. how much money would you pay a back up qb to be a starter qb in the nfl ? 5. name a qb that should win the mvp this year? 6. who should win the head coaches of the year in the nfl ? 7. how many yards do a rb have to run to be a first ballet hof ? 8. who you trust more aaron rodgers or tom brady to get there team to the playoffs ? --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dennis-holmes/support