The Side Jawn - Man on Fire with E Woods


11-12-2022 • 1 hr 32 mins

Side Jawn Season 2 Episode 23: Man on Fire!!! Intro: Dennis: Welcome to the Side Jawn. I am your host Dennis the Ignoranthinkerspodcast Holmes, and my co-host is back with us, feeling better, Sharon the Chocolate Girrrrrrl! (Say it right Dennis!) How you doing Chocolate Girl? Sharon: Talks about how she's doing, asks Dennis. Dennis: talks about his week. Dennis: We got a good show for you this morning. We've got a special guest in the building. We calling the show Man on Fire because he is lighting up the airwaves and touching the youth out there in a big way. Dennis introduce the guest Dennis questions Pass to Sharon Sharon's questions You have programming which you call "Raise Your Bar" dealing with sports, life and beyond. Give a summary of what this program is about. Your program targets middle and high school student-athletes which encourages and challenges them to raise their personal bar. How would you define your personal bar to the audience watching today? Are these workshops or forums a 1 time 1 day event, or do you have an ongoing program involving different sessions? How involved are the parents in the program? Looking at what is going on in college sports now with the branding, the NIL agreements and transfer portals, what are the core teachings that high school student-athletes especially really need to focus on to prepare for such adult business and career decisions? I wanted to pivot a little and get your opinion on a couple of things. What is your view on college student-athletes getting compensated while playing in college? Some have concerns that the idea of compensating student-athletes who are amateurs will lead to the commercialization of even high school sports now to a higher degree. Do you think that is a legitimate concern? What changes would you like to see in youth sports in general? Not only what I call the travelling or circuit leagues, but community leagues as well? Does it still feel like players are playing for the love of the game anymore? Sharon sends it back to Dennis Dennis asks final questions, get final thoughts, closes out. --- Support this podcast: