The Side Jawn - Heaven and Dreams


13-11-2022 • 1 hr 27 mins

Side Jawn Season 2 Episode 19: Heaven and Dreams Intro: Dennis: Welcome to the Side Jawn. I am your host Dennis the Ignoranthinkerspodcast Holmes, and I am joined by my co-host Sharon the Chocolate Girrrrrrl! (Say it right Dennis!) How you doing Chocolate Girl? Sharon: Tells how she is and how her week went. Asks Dennis how he is doing? Dennis: talks about his week. Dennis: We have an interesting show for you today y'all. Gonna pivot a little bit. We named the show "Heaven and Dreams" and we gonna get a little deep but not too much. Hope y'all ready. Dennis: When people we love die, those of us who believe in a Heaven want to believe they went to heaven. Heaven represents to us happiness, joy, peace, being with God, and just everything good and pleasant. With that being said, when you think about it Chocolate Girl, if you could bring somebody back from Heaven, have them over for dinner and hang out with them, who would the first person be and why? What kinds of things would you talk about? Sharon: Gives her answer. Then asks Dennis for who he would first pick. Dennis: Gives his answer and then makes transition. Do you have any others you would want to talk to and hang out with? Sharon: Gives her answers (list). Asks Dennis if he has any others. Dennis: Gives his list and then transitions to the next topic. Dennis: Those who believe in Jesus believe he sits at the right hand of God. What if you could actually bring Him down here to have dinner with you. What would you ask Him and why? Sharon: Gives her answer and then asks Dennis for his. Dennis: Gives his Jesus answer. Dennis: Do you ever dream about being in Heaven? Dennis talks about if he does or not and Sharon may say something too. Dennis: Chocolate Girl I know you dream because you have told me some of your dreams before. And I have dreams too. But how often do you think you dream? Sharon: Gives her answer. Asks Dennis how do you dream? Do you dream in color or black and white? Are people's faces visible or blurred out sometime? Dennis: Gives his answers. Dennis: Makes transition with something like: You know dreams are dreams we have at night, but then there's dreams like your hopes, goals and aspirations. Let's talk about some of our dreams. Dennis: Goes first and talks about some of his dreams. Throws it to Sharon. Sharon: Talks about some of her dreams. Dennis: Talk about fulfilling your dreams. How do you go about it? Or does fear or something else keep you from realizing any of your dreams? If it does, how can we overcome it? Dennis and Sharon talk about dreams, where they want to go, where they want to be. Dennis: Asks Sharon for her final thoughts. Sharon: Gives her final thoughts.Throws it back to Dennis for his. Dennis: Gives his final thoughts. Thanks the viewers. Talks about Talkurish Tuesday where we gonna break down our Top 10 Cop movies along with the TAP/CPs. Ends the show. Thank you for Listening make sure you go like and subscribe to all podcast platforms. We are also on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on @Ignoranthinkerspodcast click the link in bio --- Support this podcast: